Federal Premium Law Enforcement Ammo 45ACP 155Gr Frangible 50Rds


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Please note: In order to purchase this ammunition, you must show proof that you have a PAL. Once you place your order, please send a picture copy of your PAL to procorpsdefense@gmail.com. Thank You.


This 45 ACP cartridge from Federal Law Enforcement’s BallistiClean label will keep you safe as you’re making pings. Its 155 grain RHT bullet is entirely frangible, so it will disintegrate upon impact with a hard surface rather than ricochet dangerous flecks of copper back your way. The RHT is furthermore devoid of lead, making firing it indoors a far healthier endeavour.


Manufacturer: Federal
Model Number: BC45CT1
Ammo Bullet Type: Frangible RHT
Ammo Casing Type: Brass
Ammo Bullet Weight: 155 grain
Ammo Round Count: 50/Box
Caliber Multi: .45 ACP
Muzzle Energy: 440 lb/ft
Muzzle Velocity: 1130 fps
Application: Target, Practice
Series/Collection: BallistiClean



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