Cadex Defence, Falcon Bi-Pod, QD Arca Mount, Black (CDX-7431-K015AE)


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The Falcon Bipods have been designed to provide the ultimate stability. Two models are offered, Picatinny rail or AES (ARCA) mounting variants. It features multiple optional modular quick-change accessories such as spike, claw or ski feet and optional Extension Leg kit to increase the bipod elevation range. A Long Leg Kit is also available for the ELR game where shooters engage targets beyond 2 miles and require lots of bipod elevation without sacrificing the rifle’s stability.


  • Fast deployment legs without buttons to push.
  • Ultra-tight machining tolerances for maximum stiffness and reduced free play.
  • Reversible legs for choice of index or thumb push button operation.
  • Easy to operate canting lever.
  • Tilt angle +/- 15.5°.
  • Folds/deploys forward, rearward 45° or standard 90°.
  • Standard rubber feet, optional claw, spike or ski feet.
  • Incredibly stable (width from 11.4″ to 13.3″).
  • Designed to withstand recoil up to 50 BMG.
  • Adjustable height from approx. 6.25″ to 8″.


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