KNS Precision SnapFoot Kit for Magpul Bi-Pods


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The KNS Precision SnapFoot Quick Change Modular Bipod Kit for Magpul Bipods (SNAPFOOT-MAGPUL) allows the user to quickly exchange feet without tools to adapt to different shooting surfaces, environments, and competition situations. The SnapFoot comes with 2 main adapters, 2 rubber foot transitions, 2 posable feet, and 2 spikes with steel baskets. All feet can be snapped in and out quickly and with ease. The SnapFoot retains the ability to utilize the original bipod’s rubber feet when using the rubber foot transition adapters.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 SnapFoot Main Adapters
  • 2 Rubber Foot Transitions
  • 2 Posable Feet
  • 2 Spikes With Steel Baskets
  • Roll Pins
  • Extra O-rings


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