Magpul-M-LOK Hand Stop Kit


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Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit is a sweet little piece of equipment that will improve your aim and protect you from accidentally placing your hand a little too far forward. Place one of these AR Handguards & Forends from Magpul Industries at a comfortable distance and the textured area will give you positive feedback to let you know that your hand is in the right spot to settle in. We don’t have to tell you that holding your rifle the same way every time is one of the keys to consistency in aim, and the Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit will go a long way toward making that happen. And its low profile leaves plenty of room for reloading. Customize your rifle with the Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit.

  • Light weight, low-profile M-LOK slot index point for improved weapon control
  • Forward stop to prevent the shooter’s hand from reaching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle
  • Aggressive TSP Texture for enhanced weapons control

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Black, FDE, ODG


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