Phase 5 FATMAN HEXBRAKE – 9MM / 7.62X39 / 6.8MM (1/2X36 TPI)


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FATMAN HEXBRAKE – 9MM / 7.62X39 / 6.8MM (1/2X36 TPI)

The FATman Hex Brake was created to solve issues faced by many competition shooters and precision rifle builders. The 2 large (FAT) ventilated baffle sections and chambers create the compensation needed to reduce the overall recoil felt by the shooter. The FATman Hex Brake includes two top ports machined at a 20 Deg. forward directed angle. These top ports help direct the energy of the spent gas in a manner that maintains a flat consecutive result shot after shot. The design of the FATman Hex Brake allows the first chamber wall to sit as close to the barrel crown plane as possible. This design element was included to maintain the full accuracy of the barrel. The iconic Phase 5 Hex design gives the FATman Hex Brake the perfect styling that custom gun builders are looking for.

Finish: Mil-Spec Black Parkerized

Length: 3”

Width: 1.26”

Weight: 6.0oz

Threading: 1/2 x 36 TPI

Compatibility: 9mm/7.62×39/6.8mm

Includes (1) crush washer


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