3HGR-Gun rest & carrying system


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The 3HGR was developed in Finland in co-operation with experienced hunters. Every single detail has been carefully designed and tested. Demanding condition in the wilderness often require improvised shooting positions to get above the undergrowth. The 3HGR will enable you to use trees, poles, beams and other vertical objects for additional support.

You can easily transform the 3HGR into a harness that will distribute the weight of the rifle across both shoulders and makes carrying the rifle a lot more balanced and comfortable. The difference, when compared with a traditional rifle sling, is phenomenal, especially with suppressed or heavy rifles.

In rough terrain or challenging situations, you can use the 3HGR as a safety sling. Using it as a safety sling means that your gun will stay steady, and safe, on your back in all situations.

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Dimensions 36 × 3 × 20 cm


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