Foxstrap-MK1 Tactical Sling-Coyote Brown


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A simple 2-point sling with one hand adjustment operation and a quick disconnect buckle should you get caught on something in the back of the LAV again. Sling comes at a 2M length allowing it to be suitable for all sizes of weapons. Originally designed for Bullpup type rifles this sling allows you to simply let go of your firearm and have it swing to your offhand side, neatly out of the way allowing you to draw your sidearm with ease. When mounted on a bullpup rifle (correctly trimmed and adjusted as below) the rifle hangs in such a way that you can kneel without the barrel stabbing into the ground. To operate the quick disconnect simply pull the Paracord loop firmly away from the buckle. A big feature (Particularly for guys in cool units that let you leave your sling on in the vault) is that the sling pulls tight and lays flat against the side of your rifle for storage. No more tangling slings on things at the armory or in your own gun safe at home.


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