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NOTE: TPU is for general use purposes, Alloy 910 is as strong of a material as possible. Choose the adapter that suits your use case. Installation video coming soon.

The title says it all. This adapter allows you to use AR buffer tube stock adapters and folding stocks originally designed for the VZ58 with no permanent modifications to your firearm. The adapter is 3D printed in durable and impact absorbing filaments and your stock of choice is held in place firmly with a secure bolt and nut. The piece is then pinned in place through the original buttstock pin holes on the side using 4 small set screws.

Tools and Equipment required:
-Drill and 1/8″ drill bit
-Hammer and brass punch
-Wrench set
-Castle nut wrench if installing AR buffer tube
-VZ Stock or Adapter of your choice

To fit the stock adapter:
-Field strip your rifle
-Punch the original stock pins out with a brass punch or something similar. Please note a surprising amount of force is required to knock these out.
-Remove the original wooden stock. Clean the inside of the receiver if required
-Using the provided bolt and nut (and washer if you are using the AR buffer tube adapter) bolt your stock to the adapter.
-Insert the adapter into your receiver. This is a tight fit and might require some minor persuasion to fully seat in your firearm. Once your adapter is fully inserted begin tightening the thru-bolt as much as you feel necessary (TPU is flexible and will compress outwards to meet the receiver walls; the tighter you crank the nut the more secure your fit will be).
-To use the 4 set screws drill 4 holes using a 1/8th” drill bit through the original stock pin holes. Take care to be centered as you do this. Mark the drill bit for a depth of 5mm with tape so you do not over-drill your holes. This step is left to the end user to account for any variations in receiver manufacturing by Norinco.
-Seat your 4 set screws until they are flush with the outside of your receiver.

Please note the adapter was designed and built off of an LMG variant. We cannot see a reason it would not fit in a rifle as well but we don’t own one to test that out unfortunately. For stress test purposes we mortared the rifle 30 times on a concrete surface to simulate clearing a bad jam and buttstroked the woodshed out back 30 times as well. The only effect from beating the stock up was a 3mm wobble that retightening the thru-bolt remedied; no further damage was observed
(Note for the purposes of the stress test we did not loctite the thru-bolt and tested the less durable TPU option).


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