Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs with “Tacti-Grip Headband” FDE


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Razor Tacti-Grip Series Electronic Ear Protection

GWP-RSEMRH-MFDE (Flat Dark Earth)

As the industry leader in hearing protection and enhancement, Walker’s introduces a new Razor series with a Tacti-Grip headband. This electronic hearing protection line features the same advanced sound management performances found on other Walker’s Razor series but expands the comfortable design with a new Tacti-Grip silicone composite headband.

The new headband enhances overall ergonomics for all day comfort. This Razor series muff also includes omnidirectional microphones which allows it to process sound clearer and 360-degree sound pickup to eliminate audio “blind spots” on the range or in the field. The full dynamic range HD speakers send clear balanced sound to the user while the Tacti-Grip muffs sound activated compression and sound dampening composite housing provide an impressive 23 NRR


  • Walker’s RAZOR “TACTI-GRIP” high performance silicone composite headband
  • Low noise/Frequency tuned for natural sound clarify
  • Full dynamic range HD Speakers for clear balanced sound
  • Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Sound activated compression
  • Sound dampening composite housing
  • 5mm audio jack
  • 23 NRR
  • Rubberized

Remember when it comes to your hearing, protect it or lose it! To upgrade your Walker’s Razor Series Muffs, visit www.walkersgameear.com


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