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Developed in 1943, the famous M3 Trench Knife was intended to be used by any U.S. Soldier during World War II who was not equipped with a bayonet. H. Boker & Co. was also among the nine manufacturers that produced the M3 Trench Knife during the war and delivered an order volume of 31,300 knives. The sister company of the Boker Manufactory in Solingen was located in New Jersey at the time.

The Boker M3 Trench Knife revives this classic piece of American military history, combining the historic design with high-quality materials and perfect workmanship. The black coated blade is made of the non-stainless carbon steel SK-85 and is marked with the original “H. Boker & Co.” blade stamp from 1943. The handle is made of pressed leather rings and always fits securely in the hand, even in wet and humid conditions. The characteristic parry element prevents unintentional slipping onto the blade. The ricasso in the back of the blade not only reduces the weight and perfects the balance of the knife, but also emphasizes the clean lines. With authentic U.S. M8A1 sheath and individual serial number.

  • Fixed Blade
  • Yes
  • Boker Plus
  • 11.73 in
  • 6.73 in
  • 0.20 in
  • 8.36 oz
  • SK-85
  • Leather
  • Asia
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Metal
  • 02BO048


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