Boker Solingen Combintion Whetstone Sharpening Station 240/2000 09BO376


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With the sharpening stations, Boker Manufactory Solingen offers comprehensively equipped professional solutions for expertly sharpening any type of steel blade. The centrepieces of the sets are a combined water sharpening stone with 2 grits each. Only high-grade Corundum of the highest homogeneity and quality is used for the stones. The usable grinding surface is 200 mm x 80 mm. The elaborate and well thought-out sets contain: – A tray with non-slip rubberised feet – An intermediate support with which the stone can be placed in the trough horizontally or at a slight angle, depending on the working preference – A 20° angle aid that can be clamped to the back of the knife – A bottle of elastic silica gel for re-moistening the stones with water – A dressing stone All accessories can be stored in clamps that are integrated into the underside of the trough. The sharpening stations are offered in two combinations of water sharpening stones. The 240 grit enables rapid pre-grinding of heavily worn cutting edges, while a very fine result can be achieved in the second work step with the 2000 grit side.

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  • 09BO376


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