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This is the Stealth Diggers / Rogan pry tool. It is perfect for everyday use and in particular DIGGING ! With the new Ripsaw design you can easily get through tough ground and cut your way through roots.

This tool is great for scraping away at tight spots, chopping roots or prying stuff loose that is in the ground , not to mention everyday tasks that may arise.

-Digging holes for metal detection, EOD use and fire pits.

-Splitting wood to make a fire or shelter.

-Prying roots, opening wooden crates.

-Hammering in tent stakes.

The tool comes pre wrapped with paracord.

It is 1/4 inch thick 1045 carbon steel at 8 inches long and 1 &1/4 wide.
A great EDC companion for Metal detecting, Digging , hiking, camping, exploring, Adventure and just about any outdoor activity you can think of that requires as burly and versatile tool. EDC pry bar tool, chop , dig, slam, wedge and more.

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Black, FDE, ODG


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