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The Spade Point Series is designed to be a trowel tool that has a familiar knife shape so it is easy to use and also increases its multipurpose design. A standard garden trowel is very limited to digging. We designed our Spade Point models to not only dig like a trowel, but also be able to split wood, pry, chop and hammer in tent stakes. 

The Ranger is an essential tool for any backpacker, metal detector, camper, hunter, gardener or prepper. The RANGER is capable of performing the same tasks as any other Rogan Tool….Dig. Split. Pry. Hammer. The RANGER can be used for digging tasks such as metal detecting, gardening, digging a fire pit or digging for worms to fish with. The main bevel is used for splitting wood for a campfire or shelter construction and is also able to pry roots or wooden crates and is also great for chopping. The RANGER can also be used to hammer in tent stakes or snares. The RANGER is the perfect companion to a folding knife or multitool. Save your knife for making fine cuts and the RANGER will handle the rest!  RANGER also makes a great addition to a bug-out-bag and is a great tool to have in the event of a natural disaster. The RANGER is very easy to take with you and has several different  carry options. The tool is meant to be clipped on backpacks and belt loops with a carabiner. It will also fit in most molle webbing on backpacks. For all day use, we recommend the Belt Rig it Tool Slip. Being able to clip the RANGER on you or your gear allows for easy access and quick deployment. 


  • RANGER is 100% American-made
  • 3/16 inch thick carbon steel.  
  • This tool is not knife sharp due to its primary purpose of digging. 
  • Your choice of paracord wrap. 
  • Optional Carabiner and Belt Rig available. 
  • Optional Tool Pouch available. 
  • 9.5 inches long

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